Over the years, based on the interdisciplinarity of their many fields of production, IRCA SERVICE has conceived and developed original, innovative and competitive solutions for every kind of application.

Emulsifiable concentrates

They are the most traditional products of agriculture, where a.i. Is dissolved in solvent; The product is then made usable for dilution in water by means of anionic and ionic emulsifiers. IRCA SERVICE technology always looks for the solvent that has the best characteristics in terms of toxicity, volatility and flammability.

Capsules suspension

They are products in which the active principle is micro-encapsulated in spheres of diameter of 2-5 micron, suspended in water, thus guaranteeing the gradual and slow release of the active ingredient into the environment. This technology, known by a few companies in Italy and Europe, is conceived for agriculture, but it is also particularly useful in everyday use. IRCA SERVICE is able to control and adjust the size of microcapsules and the rate of release; IRCA SERVICE’s technology is also applicable to high melting active ingredients.

Suspensions concentrates

In this case the active principle is suspended and micronized by means of microsphere mills. Precipitation is then prevented using viscosizers and suspending agents. The main advantage of this kind of formulation is that the use of hazardous and flammable solvents is avoided. IRCA SERVICE technology provides high quality standards, even on small production batches.

Formulations OD

OD Dispersions (Oil Dispersion) are used for partially water-soluble products, and therefore not compatible with normal aqueous suspensions. In this kind of formulation the active agent is micronized and suspended in oil rather than in water. ODs are still not widely spread and IRCA SERVICE is, as usual, cutting-edge in this kind of product.

Water emulsions

They are products in which water-insoluble liquid active ingredients are dispersed and retained in solution by surfactants and stabilizers Thanks to the know-how developed in the production of silicone foam and industrial detergents, IRCA SERVICE is now able to provide water-based emulsions with particle size starting from 1 micron. Emulsions are obtained by means of in-tank or in-line homogenizers and also by means of high-power homogenizer-dispersers which allow to produce up to 10,000 lt /hour of finished product.

Products ready to use

Products ready for use, often packaged in non-gas-based vials, are very low in concentration, but very delicate in terms of stability and compatibility. All IRCA SERVICE products are designed to avoid the use of harmful solvents; They are formulated with high technology such as microemulsions (emulsions having the exterior appearance of clear solutions) and ultra-stable suspensions, by means of anti re-depositing and suspending agents.