Piano di sanificazione cucine professionali
Catalogo Generale Distribuzione Specializzata

Pulitissimo DECAL is a concentrated descaler for the regular removal of limestone from dishwashers, water baths, evaporators, coffee and tea machines and other stainless steel kitchen equipment , ceramic, glass and plastic.


COD 70012230 - 2x6Kg tanks

COD 60012129 - 12Kg


Descaler concentrate ability for periodic removal of lime scale from kettles, dishwashers, water bath, evaporators, tea and coffee and other dispensers stainless steel kitchen equipment, ceramics, glass and plastic.  Caution: do not use on soft metals, porous and glazed tiles and marble.


COD 79116305 - 2 X Kg 5 tanks

COD 60012128 - 12 Kg

Pulitissimo FORNOMATIC CLEANER is the degreasing detergent Super-formula to alkaline for the removal of fat burned specially designed for the cleaning of ovens with integrated washing, specific formulation that ensures high efficacy both hot and cold.


COD 60012160 - 12Kg

Liquid additive concentrate with an acid pH, which reduces the surface tension of the rinse water, favors the immediate drying of the surface of the self-cleaning oven. Pulitissimo FORNOMATIC RINSE can also be used in waters with high hardness.


COD 60012170 - 10Kg

Pulitissimo FORTE PIASTRE is the higly concentrated cleaner for removing heavy organic encrustations also charred, present on the equipment used to cook foods such as plates, grill, cooking fires, ovens, fryers, and roasters.


COD 70012210 - 2x5Kg Tanks

PULITISSIMO HYGIEN FOOD is a surface sanitizing spray detergent ready to use in the food industry, hospitals, nursing homes, professional kitchens, daily industry and in the bottling beverages. The product is specially designed for food contact surfaces as it evaporates quickly and is low residuality. Ir is recommended where it is not advisable to use products in aqueous solution. It is recommended for use in high-risk areas for cleaning and disinfection of conveyor belts, filing machines and other professional equipment (slicer, mincer, knives, etc...). It may be used during production breaks to keep intact the Hygiene standards until the resumption of the next turn.


COD 600319407 - conf. 12 fl. x 750 ml Ric.

The special formula of Pulitissimo LUCIDANTE INOX is specially designed to restore shine to and protect for long time all stainless steel surfaces.


COD 60011177N - 6 x ml750 bottles each - Refills

COD 69101107 - 12 x ml750 bottles each - C&C 

Pulitissimo PIASTRE is the professional detergent suitable to clean and remove the encrusted dirt of organic nature - even charred - present on the equipment used for cooking food such as plates, grills, cooking burners, ovens, fryers, and roasters.


COD 60012103 - Com750x12

Ideal product for the cleaning of equipment, suction hoods, hobs and all washable surfaces in the kitchen. Its improved formula attacks and removes the most stubborn dirt and ensures the highest standards of cleanliness. Suitable for use for application of HACCP self-control plans. Fragrance free.


COD 60011150N - 12 x ml 750 bottles each – Refills

COD 60011151N - 12 x ml 750 bottles each – C&C

Pulitissimo SUPER DISGORGANTE the product is fast acting. Free piping disintegrating and removing all organic substances: fats, hair, paper, soap and all that is in the pipeline. It does not damage pipes, sinks, steel, ceramic and chrome.


COD 60011125 - 1000mlx12

Detergent based on Soda and silicate, it is specifically for the mechanical cleaning of organic dirt from surfaces does not resistant to alkali. Also suitable in the presence of hard water


COD 69194104 - 12Kg

Pulitissimo BAR is the liquid detergent especially effective for the removal of the most heavy dirt (such as stains from coffee and tea). Suitable for all types of dishes (except aluminum) Pulitissimo BAR sanitizes and eliminates the most persistent odours thanks to its chlorine content.


COD 70012143 - 4x6Kg

COD 60012141 - 12Kg

COD 60012142 - 25Kg

Pulitissimo DRYBRILL is a additive rinse aid and self-drying. It permits a drastic reduction of drying times. Its formula contains dispersing substances for salts and it can eliminate the problem of limestone. Due to Pulitissimo DRYBRILL the dishes at end of washing cycle will be perfectly dry and bright.


COD 60012154 - 5kgx4

COD 60012151 - 10Kg

COD 60012152 - 20Kg

 COD 70012254 - 5Kgx2

Pulitissimo ECOMATIC is the alkaline detergent, it's specific for washing dishes by professional dishwashers. Its formula effectively removes greasy dirt from every type of crockery and prevents the formation of calcareous incrustations.


COD 70012146 - 4x6Kg

COD 70012147 - 12Kg

COD 70012148 - 25Kg

COD 70012246 - 6Kgx2

Pulitissimo NEUTRO PIATTI is a neutral detergent in liquid form, scented with lemon. Thanks to the quality of its concentrated formula, Pulitissimo NEUTRO PIATTI can remove grease and food residuals from dishes and glasses.


COD 60012121 - 2x5Kg

Pulitissimo SPECIAL is liquid detergent of alkaline nature for mechanical washing of dishes, specifically designed for hard waters. Its formula effectively removes fat dirt from all types of dishes and prevents the formation of scale in the dishwasher.


COD 70012136 - 6Kgx4

COD 60012134 - 12Kg

COD 60012137 - 25Kg

COD 70012136 - 6Kgx2

Pulitissimo SPECIAL PIATTI is a highly concentrated detergent in liquid form with high cleaning perfomance. Its formula allows to degrease, clean, and deodorize dishes, cookware, cutlery, glasses and dishes in general. Pulitissimo SPECIAL PIATTI is ideal for all washable surfaces in the kitchen (aluminum, lacquered, varnished and plastics).


COD 70012126 - 2x5Kg

Pulitissimo TOPBRILL is the specific additive rinse aid designed for hard waters. It is added during the rinse phase of the dishwashing process. Its formula contains substances dispersing the salts so it can eliminate the problem of limestone deposits. Due to Pulitissimo TOPBRILL the dishes at end of washing cycle will be perfectly bright and dried.


COD 70012255 - 5Kgx2

COD 60012159 - 10Kg

COD 60012158 - 20Kg


Pulitissimo ULTRA is a highly alkaline detergent for the mechanical washing of dishes. It is specifically designed for use with low and medium water hardness. iIts formula effectively removes fat dirt from all types of dishes.


COD 70012145 - 6Kgx4

COD 60012146 - 12Kg

COD 60012148 - 25Kg

 COD 70012245 - 6Kgx2

concentrated bleach with sanitizing power based on peracetic acid suitable for washing of bleached fabrics even at low temperatures.


COD 60016027 - 25Kg

Pulitissimo AMMORBIDENTE was designed to restore the natural softness and elasticity to all types of fibres. Pleasantly scented, Pulitissimo AMMORBIDENTE enables easy ironing and prevents the static electricity formation. For use by hand or washingmachines.


COD 70016020 - 4x5Kg

COD 70016021 - 2x5Kg

COD 60016023 - 20Kg

Concentrated stabilized chlorine-based bleacher with sanitizing power suitable for washing all bleachable fabrics even at low temperatures.


COD 60016031 - 25Kg

Pulitissimo CAPI DELICATI was designed for hand or machine washing of all delicate fibres like wool, silk and linen. Thanks to its special formula Pulitissimo CAPI DELICATI allows to gently clean fabrics retaining their natural softness and the original brightness of colours.


COD 70016010 - 4x5Kg

COD 60016013 - 20Kg

Pulitissimo LAVABIANCHERIA was specifically designed for washingmachine (tablecloths, towels, sheets, pillowcases, etc. ..). Its particular formula with enzymes ensures highly cleaning power against difficult dirt (such as tomato, coffee, tea, chocolate ... etc.) while maintaining and respecting the fibers.


COD 70016001 - 4x5Kg

COD 70016002 - 2x5Kg

COD 60016003 - 20Kg

Neutralizing acid for adjusting the final pH of laundry in the last rinse and for preventing irritation problems and limestone deposits in the machine and on fabrics. Ideal for different types of fabrics, it facilitates ironing. Should be used together with Pulitissimo POWERTEX.


COD 60016032 - 25Kg

Concentrated bleach with disinfectant action based on hydrogen peroxide suitable for washing all bleached fabrics even at low temperatures.


COD 60016026 - 10Kg

COD 60016028 - 25Kg

InorInorganic detergent of strongly alkaline nature, suitable for the removal of grease, oil and proteic dirt from all fabrics (not delicate fabrics) though automatic dosing systems. For use in conjunction with Pulitissimo TENSIOTEX NF.


COD 60016036 - 25Kg

Organic detergent highly concentrated based on surfactants suitable for the removal and dispersion of hard dirt from all types of fabrics (not delicate fabrics) for automatic dosing systems. For use in conjunction with Powertex


COD 60016034 - 20Kg

Organic detergent highly concentrated based on surfactant, suitable for the removal and dispersion of hard dirt from all types of fabrics (not delicate fabbrics) for automatic dosing systems. For use in conjunction with Pulitissimo POWERTEX.


COD 60016038 - 20Kg

Organic detergent without bleach based on surfactants with high concentration, indicated for the removal and dispersion of hard dirt from all types of tissues (Not delicate fabrics) with automatic dosing systems. For use in conjunction with Pulitissimo POWERTEX.


COD 60016039 - 20Kg

COD 60016035 - 200Kg

Pulitissimo SUPER SGRASSATORE è stato appositamente studiato per la pulizia istantanea e radicale di sporchi pesanti come residui carboniosi, sporco atmosferico stratificato, timbri, segni d’inchiostro, rossetto, ditate, segni neri di strisciate, residui grassi e oleosi da tutte le superfici lavabili.


COD 69867512 - conf. 12 fl. x 750 ml Ric.


Pulitissimo BAGNO PROFUMATO is for both toilet bowl and general purpose bathroom cleaning. Use it on toilet bowls exteriors, tubs, sinks, tile, jambs, fixtures and radiators, recommended on polished marble and matte marble . Pulitissimo Bagno Profumato wipes out grime, sanitizes and leaves no residue. Pulitissimo Bagno profumato has a pleasing smell that persist long after the product has been applied. 


COD 60025800 - conf. 12 bottles x 1000ml

Descaler eliminates all limestone deposits, cement residues, rust stains, from non-acidic sensible materials like tiles, enameled surfaces, washbasins, bathroom fixture, equipment and stainless steels surface.


COD 69116306 - conf. 12 bottles x 1000ml

Detergente disinfettante concentrato per:Sanità (ospedali, case di cura, studi medici, ambulatori), Igiene pubblica (impianti sportivi, centri benessere, scuole), Industria alimentare (laboratori di produzione, macellerie e salumifici, industria dolciaria, panetterie, industrie di lavorazione di carne, pesce e verdure), Piccola e grande ristorazione (ristoranti, bar, hotel, gastronomia, gelaterie, banchi di vendita).


COD 69144006 - conf. 12 fl x 1000 ml


Pulitissimo FORTE WC is ideal for restoring to toilet shininess. Its improved formula and high viscosity, make possible to attack the most stubborn dirt (scale, rust and organic dirt) and sanitize the toilet walls.


COD 60011123 - 1000mlx12

Pulitissimo IGIENIZZANTE CONCENTRATO is the universal sanitizer for all surfaces: its comprehensive formula guarantees an optimal sanitization of treated surfaces, and helps eliminate any trace of dirt and odour.


COD 60011110 - 1000mlx12

COD 70011111 - 4x5Kg

Pulitissimo NEUTRO PAVIMENTI is the scented detergent with a neutral pH specially formulated for the daily maintenance of all types of floors such as ceramic, natural stone, treated klinker and brick tiles, treated and untreated porcelain stoneware, varnished and oil-treated wood, resilient materials (PVC, rubber, linoleum), marble, treated and untreated granite, polished aggregates and well as waxed surfaces. It cleans and restores the natural shine of surfaces, leaving a pleasant scent in the air. For use by hand or in a floor washing machine.


COD 60011155 - 1000mlx12

COD 70011158 - 4x5Kg

Pulitissimo non solo VETRI is the multipurpose degreaser rich in active substance which cleanses without leaving streaks. Makes glass, mirror, crystal, metal, porcelain, marble and synthetic material surface shiny and bright. It is also indicated for removing ink and felttipstains.


COD 60011141 - Com750x12

COD 60011140 - Ric750x12

Pulitissmo SPECIALE BAGNO is studied to remove organic substances and limestone traces from sanitary fittings, ceramic and all hard surfaces found in bathrooms, so as to restore their natural shininess. Pulitissimo SPECIALE BAGNO has a pleasing floral smell that persists for a long time after the product is applied.


COD 60011142 - Com750x12

COD 60011142 - 750mlx12

Pulitissimo concentrato UNIVERSALE is the product for all washable surfaces, from fabric to metal, marble, glass, formica, plastic, leather, etc.. Pleasantly scented, it refreshes, deodorizes and ensures the highest degree of cleanliness. 


COD 60011100 - 1000mlx12

COD 70011102 - 5Kgx2

Pulitissimo HAND-O-PLUS is designed for professionals workers about food field preparation and they are in contact with food. Its special formula ensures a highly sanitizing action and an optimal cleansing of the hands, leaving them soft and hydrated.


COD 60013100 - 1000mlx12

COD 70013108 - 4x5kg

Pulitissimo SUPERHAND is an unscented product with sanitizing properties, specifically developed for workers operating in rooms such as workshops, stables, etc..


COD 60013110 - 1000mlx12

COD 70013125 - conf. 2 tan. x 5 Kg

The product is a mixture in powder form containing a balanced combination of microorganisms don't pathogens, supported by appropriate organic and inorganic substances. Each plant of biological treatment must develop its own complete ecosystem for wastewater treatment.ity.


COD 60020100 - 10Kg

ODOR OUT SPRAY It is the odours inhibitor product in hazardous environments: areas dedicated to the collection of waste, waste bins... It prevents the onset of unpleasant odours in the animal bedding.


COD 60020130 - 500mlx12

CimiciNo è l’insetticida piretroide microincapsulato a base di cipermetrina specifico per cimici, pulci e zecche. La sua azione viene potenziata dalla presenza nella formulazione del piperonilbutossido e dal processo di microincapsulazione che, attraverso il meccanismo di lento rilascio della sostanza attiva dalle capsule, permette un’efficacia di lunga durata.


COD 60044899 - 500mlx12

Cipercap insecticide is a concentrated, microencapsulated permethrin and cypermethrin-based emulsion. This particular technical measure gives the product a high and immediate insecticidal power, a long residual activity and a reduced photochemical degradation.


COD 60020015 - 1000mlx10

InInsekTiLL is a microencapsulated pyrethroid based on cypermethrin insecticide. Its action is enhanced by the presence of piperonyl butoxide in its formula and by the process of microencapsulation which, through the mechanism of slow release of the active substance from the capsules, ensures long-term effectiveness.


COD 60044898 - 500mlx12

Repellente cani e gatti is the innovative product that prevents dogs and cats of soiling in unwanted external places. The active ingredient which is unbearable for dogs and cats, it is not unpleasant to people, and the unique technique of microencapsulation significantly prolongs its effect over time.


COD 60020020 - 500mlx12

Repellente per Piccioni is a product that keeps the pigeons away from window sills, attics, railings, etc. The active ingredient, unbearable for pigeons, it is not unpleasant to people, and the technique of microencapsulation significantly prolongs its effect over time. .


COD 60020025 - 500mlx12

IIMAGINE "0" IR100 is a product designed to remove any kind of dirt from all surfaces including delicate ones. Its high extractive and solvent power allows the removal of layers of paint. IMAGINE "0" IR100 is for domestic and professional use: public buildings (schools, kindergartens, municipalities), monuments and subway stations (waiting rooms, subways), bus shelters, trains, buses, signs, etc..


COD 60020030 - 1000mlx10

COD 60020035 - 4x5Kg

MAGINE "0" IR 200 is the innovative product that effectively protects and in an reversible way, smooth stones or porous stone surfaces, such as granite, wood, concrete, plaster, murales, bricks, monuments. Imagine "0" IR 200, toghether with IMAGINE "0" IR 100 allow a rapid and complete deletion of all types of street writing. It creates a repellent barrier to components of paints, preventing their penetration. It is applicable inside and outside adhering to any surface, forming a film able to removal of street writing and at the same time allows the treated surface to "breathe".


COD 60020040 - 1000mlx10

COD 60020045 - 4x5Kg

SverniciaTu is a paint removal product easy to apply. It's without chlorinated solvents and it's not dangerous - it does not contain acids or caustic soda - it could be used on any type of paint, it does not drip, it does not become black and furthermore it does not dry the wood and it does not damage metals. it can be removed with water.


COD 60020080 - 500mlx12

COD 60020081 - 1000mlx10

COD 60020082 - 4x5kg

COD 60020083 - 10Kg

R 400 is a product with a new formula that easly removes tempera paint, lime, and even vinyl wallpapers. Highly concentrated, it is fast and efficent and it does not form foam. IR 400 is biodegradable, not toxic or harmful, it is not flammable and it does not contains chlorinated solvents.


COD 60020050 - 250mlx12

SSTACCAPLASTICI is the odourless paint remover, not toxic and universal, It'is ideal for the removal of plastic coating (skin or dripped, based on quartz and calcium carbonate, spatula coatings based on synthetic water resins , silica, calcium carbonate), paints of any kind. The product doesn't damage to aluminium and light alloys ( windows, doors, pipes, curtain bars etc..) It is not toxic or harmful, it is not flammable and it does not contains chlorinated solvents.


COD 60020060 - 10Kg

ToToglicolla is a specific product to remove the glue residual (neoprene or other) from any surface. Easy to apply and fast Toglicolla perfectly restores surfaces without damage (including parquet) while it ensures the operator's maximum safety: Toglicolla is not toxic, not harmful and it is not flammable. safety: Toglicolla is not toxic, not harmful and it is not flammable.


COD 60020065 - 1000mlx10

COD 60020066 - 4x5kg

Smug is the product especially designed to solve specific problems of the walls. It can be applied indoor and outdoor and is particularly suitable for the restoration of the walls about old buildings. It neutralizes hard substrates, covers recurrent stains and forms a substrate where it is needed. Easy to apply, odourless and cheap, it ensures maximum safety to the operator: it is not toxic, not harmful and not flammable.


COD 60020075 - 1Kgx20

The Moss composition suitable for mold remove is complemented with active chlorine and a chemical agent that effectively works against the growth of fungi, algae and mould. It 's the perfect solution related to moisture problems or poor ventilation: walls, floor joints, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, cellars, basements, saunas, swimming pools, garages, warehouses, etc..


COD 60020000 - 400mlx12