About us

IRCA SERVICE S.p.A. is a chemical production company part of a top group on the industrial landscape, both locally and internationally, and its turnover exceeds €500m. With over 45 years’ experience in the production of formulations and relative packaging, with its personal brand and for third parties, the company meets numerous needs with products and services in the livestock, food and beverage industry, agriculture, specialised distribution, water treatment and auxiliary industries.

Quality, Safety, Respect for the Environment

The quality system of IRCA SERVICE S.p.A. is certified by CERTIQUALITY in compliance with UNI ISO 9001-2015. The production system operates according to good manufacturing practices. Each process is always carried out in full compliance with the regulations in force, both in terms of occupational safety and ecological and environmental protection. The entire industrial site has obtained all the necessary authorisations to operate from the relative Authorities.

Production unit

The production unit at Fornovo San Giovanni (BG) has a number of thermostatic mixers and fibreglass mixers with various capacities ranging from 2,500 to 25,000 litres. Based on requirements, the incoming raw materials and semi-processed products are stored in steel or fibreglass tanks: the overall capacity is over 300,000 litres. The packaging areas are equipped with volumetric and weighing machines and filling lines, and capping and labelling machines that can meet any packaging requirement from 50 ml to 1,000 litres.

Agrochemicals and Medical-surgical devices fall within the category of corporate core products. The Ministry of Health has authorised IRCA SERVICE S.p.A. to manufacture, package and control such products, and has thus set up its production facility with departments for exclusive use.

Third-party processing

By means of innovative instruments and a company structure that has a consolidated team of experts, IRCA SERVICE S.p.A. can offer a global consultancy service: application study, formulation definition, packaging development, punctual and accurate management of aspects regarding production, logistics and distribution, which represent the company’s routine approach when seeking complete customer satisfaction. The constant commitment in developing products has led the company to build a vast wealth of formulations that are supported by advanced and innovative process technologies.